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Welcome to the website of Patricia Barnes-Svarney, author/editor and fiber artist...

My background is in the physical sciences, and I’ve worked as a geologist, astronomer, and physical oceanographer. I began my writing career as a magazine writer and have hundreds of article credits in dozens of magazines, including Omni, Popular Science, Air & Space, US Air, and so on. My writing took a different turn when I started authoring books. And since that time, I’ve had more than 30 published titles, mainly in science and the science fiction genres for middle readers, young adults, and adults. 

Recent Adventures


In the past year or so, I’ve added a new adventure to my list: becoming a fiber artist. All facets of fiber art interest me, especially saving some of the more endangered animals, such as the Navajo churro or Lincoln Longwool varieties of sheep. I’ve learned how to clean, card or comb sheep fleece (along with camel and alpaca) obtained from local and distant farms. From there, I spin the prepped fleece (on various types of drop spindles) for weaving or crocheting. And the “leftovers” are most often used for needle felting. Many of these activities are dying arts--and many of us are trying to keep those arts alive.

Continuing to Grow


As you can tell, no one will debate that I can’t quite pinpoint what I want to be when I grow up. Not only have I written about so many different topics—but my interests continue to be diverse and grow.  Most of my activities center around animal fleeces right now. Not only are the various animal fleeces we use for clothes and sundry other items fascinating, but so are many of the farmers who grow and tend the animals.  Hmmm.aybe there's a story in there...


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