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 Patricia Barnes-Svarney

       Welcome to my eclectic website!
        It seems as if I’ve spent my entire life studying things attached to the sciences—from tackling the intricacies of the weather in Antarctica and examining the mechanics behind a rogue earthquake to understanding the wonders of nature around us and what makes the human body tick. My most recent venture looked into the world of forensic science--a vocation that involves almost every field of science, from chemistry and anatomy to geology and meteorology. (Go buy the book--it explains it all!)

I blame my parents and siblings for encouraging me to enter the world of geekiness and science, with sometimes a touch of humor (probably to get me out of their hair for a while). I'm not complaining. Geeks are "in" and science can often use some humor.

  I eventually became a geologist and astronomer. But after realizing I liked to write more than slicing thin sections in a cold, dark lab, or studying the stars in a cold, dark observatory, I took up the pen, then computer keyboard—and I haven’t looked back since.
I’ve written hundreds of science and other articles for magazines and more than three dozen books--both non-fiction and fiction (take a look at the listing under "MY BOOKS" to see most of them). 

I’ve traveled all over this beautiful country and many parts of the world. Those amazing experiences have helped me develop a deep affection and respect for nature.
I've even won some special honors along the way for my vocation, including a few Book-of-the-Month Club books, an international best-seller, and being chosen for the National Science Foundation’s Artist’s and Writer’s Program in Antarctica. Cool. Literally. 

           If my writing background seems eclectic to you,
it is...
My non-fiction for all ages leans toward the physical, natural, biological, health, and nutritional sciences.
(Did I miss anything?)
My fiction for adults tends toward science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and steampunk, while my middle reader fiction is a mix of science fiction and fantasy.

And of course, whenever possible, all of this mixed with a dash of humor...
In the last few years, I've also occupied my time in the pursuit of fiber. Yarn, thread, and sundry other crafty objects are almost like writing--putting together fibers to create something people will hopefully enjoy... 
And although I'm not usually a joiner of groups, there are some that have helped me along the way: I’m a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, National Association of Science Writers, the American Geophysical Union, and the Spindles and Shuttles Guild. When I'm not deep in book research,  my
hobbies include rocks, gardening, weaving and fiber arts, and cats—not necessarily in that order.


Do you need to reach me? My contact e-mail is

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