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Weaving and Fiber Arts

No matter how much I try, I can't seem to get away from fiber and material. In the near future, this page will hold some of my adventures in not only weaving, but the fiber arts world. It's a new role for me, but I'm beginning to think it may be the Scottish part of my genes coming out... Yarn was always a part of my younger days, especially in association with my grandmother (the crochet person and spinner) and mother (the knit, crochet, and sewing person). You might say I'm Scottish and Yarnish. Mostly Yarnish, from what I can tell...

Sometimes you can find the best spindles and other weaving equipment on websites such as Etsy (type in weaving supplies into their search engine). I've found shuttles, drop spindles (even Scottish spindles), and sundry other weaving tools. There are other "e-stores," such as ebay, that have people who sell used weaving equipment. But always be cautious and check other places for the best price--and know what you're getting. One shuttle is not like another!

Here are some of my favorite weaving and yarn places. I'll list more in the future, but for now, check them out:

1.Weaving Southwest - Great hand-dyed churro and other wools. I've woven many rugs and tapestries with their wool...

2. The Woolery - The Woolery has a good choice of weaving equipment. It's one of the places that I go to in order to see what I'm missing in my weaving stash!

3. Interweave - Some places have a great deal of inspiration and tutorials, some free, some you have to pay for... Interweave is just fun to check out!

4. GIST yarn - One of my favorite places to explore in terms of yarn and inspiration is GIST. Sign up for Sarah's newsletter (and she also has podcasts)--they are great!

More in the future! 
Until then, weave on! 

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