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Handy Answer Book: The Handy Forensic Science Answer Book by Patricia Barnes-Sva

The Handy Forensic Science Answer Book

by Patricia Barnes-Svarney and Thomas E. Svarney

This book covers the fundamentals, science, history, and analysis of clues found in the studies of forensic science. The Handy Forensic Science Answer Book: Reading Clues at the Crime Scene, Crime Lab and in Court provides detailed information on crime scene investigations, techniques, laboratory finding, the latest research, and controversies. It looks at the science of law enforcement, how evidence is gathered, processed, analyzed, and viewed in the courtroom, and more. From the cause, manner, time of a death, and autopsies to blood, toxicology, DNA typing, fingerprints, ballistics, tool marks, tread impressions, and trace evidence, it takes the reader through the many sides of a death investigation. Arson, accidents, computer crimes, criminal profiling, and much, much more are also addressed.

You can find this book through Visible Ink Press, Amazon (, other Internet bookstores, or at your favorite, local bookstore.

The Handy Diabetes Answer Book


by Patricia Barnes-Svarney
and Thomas E. Svarney

For anyone who has been recently diagnosed with prediabetes, diabetes, or have a loved one with diabetes, this book has some answers to your many questions.
It explains why people get diabetes (and why some don't), examines how diabetes affects every part of our body, how a person with diabetes can get help, and even the best resources to help discover and uncover how to cope with diabetes....

You can purchase the book through Amazon (
 Barnes&Noble, or your favorite bookstore




The Handy Anatomy Answer Book 
(second edition)
by Patricia Barnes-Svarney
and Thomas E. Svarney
is now available at your local indie or online bookstore...

 The second edition of this handy book contains everything you want to know about your body--inside and out. It also includes some tidbits about the anatomy of other organisms. Such questions are answered, such as:
Is brain size an indication of intelligence?
Why is it difficult for some people to remember dreams?
Why is crying often accompanied by a runny nose?
What are some animals with the most muscular strength?
... and so on...
Treat yourself and know what and why things happen to your body with this book--with more than 1,200 questions and answers, complete with four-color illustrations throughout.
(published by Visible Ink Press)
To order from Amazon, try:

In 2015, another book from the Handy Answer series:
The Handy Nutrition Answer Book
by Patricia Barnes-Svarney
and Thomas E. Svarney
(also available through your favorite indie or online bookstore)

If you're interested in the science behind nutrition and what you eat--or if you're just curious about what foods are thought to be the most nutritious to eat--or even if you want to know about the controversies about eating and food (you know, the ones that you read about in the media almost every day, including all the hype about chocolate and coffee!), then reach for

The Handy Nutrition Answer Book!

(published by Visible Ink Press)

To order from Amazon, try the link:


  AND.... in 2014:

 The Handy Biology Answer Book
by Patricia Barnes-Svarney and Thomas E. Svarney

Yes, in 2014, the second edition of this popular book was published...
and can be found at your favorite real or online bookstore.

Want to know more about the world around you? This book is a revision, completely revamped and updated with the newest information on biology--from plants and animals to viruses and bacteria. The question and answer format is a great way to learn about biology and most of the questions are ones that all of us ask about the world around us. So enjoy this look at what life is all about.    

 (Published by Visible Ink Press)
To order from Amazon, try this link:






And other published books:

Published in 2012:



  Why Do Women Crave More Sex in the Summer? 112 Questions That Women Keep Asking—and That Keep Everyone Else Guessing

Order here from AMAZON or BARNES&NOBLE
or your favorite bookstore!!!

Every wonder why women seem to have their VERY own female science? Ever wonder why almost every woman loves chocolate? Or just why DO women crave more sex in the summer? This book takes everyone—females and males—on a trip through the world of women—why we think, act, look, and feel different as a gender. It’s all backed up by the latest research—and all with a touch of humor.

(Published by NAL, a division of Random House/Penguin,2012)



The Handy Math Answer Book
By Patricia Barnes-Svarney
Thomas E. Svarney 

Need to impress your friends, office mates, or significant other with a special mathematical formula? Or just want to help your kids with their math problems? This book is for you, too—after all, who doesn’t want to know why you it’s so hard to win the lottery or a horse race? It’s all here in The Handy Math Answer Book! (Visible Ink Press, first edition, 2006; second edition, May, 2012)

Check it out at

            Or you can order this book from AMAZON and BARNES&NOBLE or your favorite bookstore!

A Look at Some of My Other Books

 All at, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookstores!

Adult Non-Fiction
When the Earth Moves: Rogue Earthquakes, Tremors, and Aftershocks (Patricia Barnes-Svarney) from Thunder’s Mouth Press (Avalon; now Running Press; 2007) This adult science book chronicles global earthquakes—and their bad affects—in places you would never think could shake, from the central United States to the wilds of Finland. It may rock your world—literally! 
Order from:    AMAZON    BARNES&NOBLE

The Handy Dinosaur Answer Book, revised edition (Patricia Barnes-Svarney and Thomas E. Svarney )– Sure dinosaurs are extinct—but never out of style! Because of their girth, weight, and amazing disappearance, dinosaurs are like a good suspense novel—and this book tries to answer the questions of who, what, when, where and how of dinosaurs. (ISBN1-57859-069-8; Visible Ink Press, 2000; revised 2010)
Order from:   AMAZON    BARNES&NOBLE

A Paranoid’s Ultimate Survival Guide (Patricia Barnes-Svarney and Thomas E. Svarney) – And you thought your backyard was safe. This survival guide isn’t like all the others—this one tells you the problems, and offers solutions. Volcanoes in your backyard? No problem. Balls of lightning coming through your window? We can help. This is not only a humor book, but it also gives some pretty darn useful information—from dust mites to meteorites, tsunamis to ticks, and solar flares to salmonella, it has it all. (ISBN1-57392-971-9; Prometheus Books, 2002)

Skies of Fury: Weather Weirdness Around the World (Patricia Barnes-Svarney and Thomas E. Svarney) – Just when you thought the rains had stopped, then comes sweltering heat waves, bone-chilling blizzards, and mighty violent winds. When will it all stop—and why isn’t weather friendly anymore? This book will bring you face-to-face with weird weather around the world—and some of the strangest stories behind the weather. (ISBN0-684-85000-1; Simon & Schuster, 1999)
Order from:   AMAZON    BARNES&NOBLE

Asteroid: Earth Destroyer or New Frontier? (Patricia Barnes-Svarney) – Disasters can happen—but will they ever come from space? Asteroid offers some of the best research about asteroids, how they have struck our Earth in the past—and some educated guesses as to if they will strike again in the near future. (ISBN ; Basic Books, 2004)
Order from:   AMAZON    BARNES&NOBLE

There are also some books I had published many years ago, including The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference (1995--and you can still get copies); Oryx Guide to Natural History (it's still available at most online bookstores); and sundry other middle reader and adult books.

And for ...

Middle Readers

Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System (Patricia Barnes-Svarney) from Sterling Publishing (2008) - This totally revised book for middle readers will delight your future astronomers, taking them on a “space hike” through our solar system. It’s non-fiction, but adds a bit of fantasy throughout—after all, you can’t really hike the solar system!

And don't forget these fiction/non-fiction books for middle readers by Patricia Barnes-Svarney...

 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Loyalties

Star Trek: Voyager: Quarantine

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Magic Handbook

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Guide to the Universe

Salem's Tales: Teacher's Pet

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